Spivey Homes Custom Home Builder

p6060003Rumor has it Michael Jordan is building quite the home on Lake Norman. Located a few miles off Exit 33 in Mooresville, people say the impressive house under construction is so enormous, it has to be for a celebrity like Jordan.

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the rumor’s not true. The people moving here are not celebrities, not sports superstars. They’re just a couple who have fallen in love with the area and have asked Spivey Homes to build their custom home here.

The property, set on six acres, was originally divided into three separate lots. The homeowners decided to use the lots as the setting for their main home, guest house and dog kennel. The builder responsible for this huge undertaking is none other than Spivey Homes in Mooresville. As a premier custom home builder in the Lake Norman area, Spivey’s nearly 30 years of experience and passion for detail made them the perfect builder for this job.

This unique project began with the construction of the guest house and kennel in January 2007. In the course of a year, Spivey finished the impressive 2,880 square foot guest home and 3,306 square foot kennel with living quarters for the homeowners’ award-winning Weimaraner show dogs.

After the guest house and kennel were completed, Spivey Homes began construction on the main house in October 2008. Scheduled for completion by October 2010, this incredible estate will have 18,500 heated square feet, with a total of 22,400 square feet under roof. Outside alone, there will be 4,400 square feet worth of lanais. The luxurious living arrangements of this two-story home with a basement will include a total of five bedrooms, six full baths with custom showers and three half baths.

The homeowners have two other properties – one in Ohio and another in Florida. All the granite, tile and stone were purchased and brought here from Miami to match the look and feel of their home there. But while the stone and marble were imported from Miami, the other building materials, as well as the people working on the project, are all from the area. This project has definitely brought a burst of energy to the economy in North Carolina. On an average day, Spivey employs 30 people on this project. But during the framing phase of the home, they had 60 to 70 people working each day on the jobsite. This project is believed to employ the most people on a residential home job site in the history of North Carolina.

“We can’t build something of this magnitude without the right team. Our subcontractors have done such a wonderful job on this home,” praised Brad Stuart, Construction Manager for Spivey Homes. For the latest updates on the construction of this magnificent property, please check back at http://www.spivey-homes.com/latest.

Artist's rendering of the Main House