Spivey Homes Custom Home Builder

There’s not much construction today in Mint Hill. Willis Spivey has been happy to provide a solution.

The contractor for the latest Tutor Time location, 7005 Tutor St., off Matthews- Mint Hill Road near the Lawyers Road intersection, Spivey said what Mint Hill needs right now is “a little momentum.” President of Mooresville- based Spivey Construction, Spivey said work on the learning center started in July.

“Mint Hill needs a shot in the arm and that’s what we’re trying to provide,” he said, noting that as a contractor since 1975 he’s going through his fifth recession. “We’re moving ahead. We’re positive things are going to turn around. We’re not just going to lay down and die,” he said. “I’m not just a developer. … This is what I do for a living.”

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